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Mandar Janardan Redij is a Nutrition expert and Wellness coach. With an Engineering degree from Mumbai University he has served the IT industry for 17 years.

Intrigued by the alternative practice in Nutrition and his personal wellness result, he took trainings from the stalwarts of this field like Dr. David Heber and Dr. Louis Ignarro.

In the last 10 years, he has been able to produce more than 1200 inspiring results through his guidance and mentoring. He is on a mission of making the world healthier and happier.

Four Pillars Of Life

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Healthy Eating

Food we consume plays 70% role in the upkeep of our good health. We analyse your current lifestyle to find if you are getting the necessary nutrients in right quantity and at the right time and suggest necessary changes.

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There is no discounting to exercise. It plays 30% role in the maintenance of our health. We analyse your current physical condition and suggest what kind of exercise will be suitable for you. Key points in selecting exercise is that one should be able to do it with ease within his physical limitations and to do it consistently.

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Rest & Relaxation

To replenish our body's wear and tear, Rest & Relaxation is a must. Rest doesn't mean just sleep. Mind and body coordination is important. Mental peace reflects on our physical health. We analyse duration & quality of your sleep and any other causes of stress to suggest necessary good practices to ensure good results.

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When we have already crossed the fine line between wellness and illness medication becomes inevitable. But instead of just treating symptoms root cause needs to be addressed. We suggest medication depending on your temperament, thought process, past experiences, etc. So that it becomes a customized solution for an individual. Medication should be taken only if it is absolutely required.

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Intergruum Health
1st floor, Sonas Tower, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Road, Near St. Paul Convent High School, Parel, Mumbai 400012.


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